Generating leads can conjure images of cold-calling and door-knocking, but those aren’t the only ways to find new business. 

  1. Offer free advice. Answer questions from consumers on your blog or social media accounts. Go live on Facebook to explain common homebuying or selling myths and answer questions posted in the comments.
  2. Regularly prospect your sphere. Check in with your professional and personal contacts on a rolling basis. Ask questions, listen, but don’t sell unless they signal that they’d be receptive.
  3. Send a letter. Use real estate business letter templates from NAR.
  4. Get a mortgage calculator for your website. Have it created for your target market and collect contact information from users.
  5. Earn press coverage. Reach out to local real estate reporters and make yourself available as a source. You can also volunteer to be a regular real estate columnist.
  6. Host a virtual consumer-education event. Try holding a first-time buyer seminar or presentation with tips on home staging.
  7. Create free downloads. Require consumers to enter their contact information in exchange for a free download with tips useful to prospects, such as buying and selling property in your market.
  8. Expand your charity work to meet new people. 
  9. Make connections with other professionals, such as divorce or probate attorneys.