Work from home has become a permanent reality for many REALTORS® since the pandemic. Your work office has become a home office, but don’t let that environment become a detriment to your productivity. Here are five home office tricks you can utilize to create a more efficient and effective space to better serve your clients.

Make It a Real Office

Some office essentials from the workplace are necessary at home to remain productive. Invest in a file cabinet to keep track of your clients’ information. Incorporate a suitable office chair and office desk to provide you comfort and spacing while you work on a client’s transaction.

Minimize the Distractions

A home office should be separated from the view or opportunity for distractions. Set up away from any windows so outdoor activities or people watching don’t delay the work at hand. Remove electronic distractions from the room as well such as TVs or iPads.

Try New Tools

Stay organized with color-coded folders to find documents quickly. Set up a monthly calendar to stay on track for upcoming meetings, open houses, deadlines, etc. Invest in the small office tools that can come in handy daily for your home office.

Freshen Up the Air

Create a therapeutic sensation for your home office by looking into adding an essential oils air diffuser. It can promote feelings of calm and relaxation as you work through your busy schedule. It can also improve your clarity and focus. You can also search for aromatherapy candles as a substitute.

Invest in Lighting

Make sure your home office is well lit. It will be easier on your eyes but also help you maintain energy throughout the day as you knock out your tasks.