Why find all of your new clients yourself, when you can recruit current and former clients to help grow your business? Client referrals are an essential part of a REALTOR®’s growth strategy. Harness the power of referrals using these steps.


Don’t assume people know you want them to refer others to you. You can increase referrals just by asking former and current clients to refer you. Ask for the referral after closing a sale, or email your contact list with a call to action.

Make it easy to refer you

Add a button on your website that generates a prewritten email clients can forward to their friends. Create a message that can be shared across a client’s social media accounts. Whatever you do, make it quick, easy, and user-friendly.

Say thank you

A few clients will become champions of your business; they will refer you to several friends and promote your services well into the future. Thank these people! Call them or thank them in person. Send them a handwritten note. Give them a shoutout on social media. Consider offering a small gift. TREC rules allow agents or brokers to give gifts of non-monetary merchandise worth $50 or less to unlicensed people in exchange for a referral. Just remember that cash and gift cards that can be converted into cash are not allowed.

Follow up with happy clients

Don’t lose touch with satisfied customers. Interact with them on social media. Email them regularly with useful information. Stay top-of-mind and they’ll remember you the next time they or their friends need an agent.

Earn it

Many people cannot wait to tell their friends about a positive experience they’ve had with a business. Impress clients with your service, and they will be eager to refer you.