The likeliness of new real estate agents experiencing burnout is higher than many other careers. Re-evaluate your work habits and make these small changes to your real estate career to avoid burnout.

Get Organized

Invest in an effective real estate CRM to keep track of contacts, reports, properties, and transactions. Also consolidate your appointments in one online calendar that you can access from any device to avoid missing appointments and overscheduling yourself.

Ask for Help

Brokers can be mentors who hold you accountable and help guide your career. Even if your brokerage does not offer a mentor program, an informal arrangement with an industry veteran can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Say No

It’s tempting—especially when you’re starting out—to agree to every request. But endless days of working nonstop will take a toll on your health. Consider blocking space on your calendar for exercise, family activities, or other personal time. 

Add Structure

Dedicate time on your calendar to only certain tasks or clients. By predetermining your time and what to work on, you allow yourself to focus and be more productive.