According to the NAR 2021 Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 97% of all homebuyers in 2020 used the internet in their home search. This means that not only is your online presence essential, but your online bio needs to make a great impression. Here are ways to optimize your bio to help you gain more leads.

Make it Easy to Read

Since attention spans are short, keep it less than 300 words. If needed, break up the bio into short sections and include bolded headers and bullet points.

Set the Right Tone

Format your online bios in the third person—as though someone else is writing about you—so that it sounds professional and objective. However, it is acceptable to be less formal and write in the first person on social media.

Get Personal to Establish Your Value

A bio isn’t a resume or a list of your credentials. Instead, it should be an engaging intro highlighting your background, passions, and achievements. Share what makes you unique, whether it’s your knowledge of specific tech tools to better market homes, your specialty in a niche area, or the legendary snickerdoodles you make for your open houses.

Maximize Your Space

For social media, space is limited—in some cases, you will only have 150 characters. Use attention-grabbing phrases that sum up who you are, like Houston native, Leader in luxury homes, and Dream home finder. To gain more exposure, add hashtags, emoticons, and tag influencers into your bio.

Finish With a Call to Action

You’ve captured their attention; now let them know how to contact you and learn more. Use phrases such as View my listings or Let’s discuss how I can help you sell your home to link them to the next steps.

Additionally, always check for typos, use a professional photo, and make sure to keep your bio up to date.