Using email marketing for your real estate business is vital for staying top-of-mind and nurturing leads. However, the inbox can be a crowded space, making it not only a challenge to stand out but also to drive your audience to take action.

Consider these five email marketing best practices to improve open rates and reader engagement:

Write Compelling Subject Lines

About 47% of people open business emails based on the subject line. Because of this, it’s important to take the time to craft a subject line that will catch readers’ eye and make them curious to read more. Also, keep it short; less than 50 characters is advised to make the subject line easy to scan. 

Don’t Be Spammy

Check for common trigger words that could automatically send your email to recipients’ spam folders. Most email marketing tools feature a built-in check for this. 

Know Who It’s For

One-size-fits-all messages or irrelevant information can lead to unsubscribes. Whether your goal is to nurture your relationships, promote a property, or ask for a referral, segment your contact list to ensure your content is going to the right audience.  

Create Balance

Add images or videos to make your content more interesting and informative. But keep in mind that many people are looking at email on their phone, so make sure your images and videos display properly on small screens. 

Establish a Clear Call to Action

Do you have an objective for each email? Not only should your email add value with relevant, personalized content, but it should have a specific goal of what you would like your audience to do. Encourage your readers to click and engage by using direct action phrases like “Learn More” or “Contact Me Now.” 

By having strategic and well-designed email campaigns, you have a greater chance of reaching your audience and growing your real estate business.