Successful emails start with subject lines that entice your contacts to keep reading. Here are five strategies to grab your audience’s attention and increase your email open rate.

Ask Questions

Asking open-ended questions like “Want to Know What Your Home Is Worth?” promises information and creates curiosity to learn the answer.

Offer Solutions

Share how you will solve a problem and what will be learned in the email. Are you offering tips? How many?

Give Directions

Starting a subject line with instruction verbs such as Find, Discover, and Learn encourages and motivates readers to act. For example, “Try This for Your Home Staging.”

Don’t Confuse

You can hint, but don’t make it so vague that it is unclear what the email is about. A contact who expects to read about seller tips but instead gets tips for renters may think twice about opening your next email.

Make It Easy To Scan

Subject lines under 50 characters are easier to read and are less likely to get cut short in mobile apps.

For additional suggestions, utilize a free subject line generator. Also, review your email analytics to track which approach works best.