What New Texas REALTORS® Can Learn from Experienced Members

During the 2018 Texas REALTORS® Winter Meeting, we asked attendees to share their advice for new Texas REALTORS® getting started in the industry. Here’s what experienced members had to say.

Calculate the cost of doing business.Your license is the first investment and not the last. Figure out how much money it will cost to run your business for the first year, but don’t stop there. Try to project costs into year two and beyond.

Find the right broker. Choosing the right broker can help set you on the right path. Find your brokerage not just on numbers but in heart as well. Find a brokerage where you feel you can ask questions, get assistance, get training, and learn how to set your goals.

Understand your fiduciary duty. Your fiduciary duty is to your client … you should look after his or her best interests. A fiduciary relationship is created when a real estate license holder provides agency services to a party, or a party thinks agency services are being provided.

Get involved in the association. Belonging to a professional organization keeps you informed of the opportunities and challenges in the industry and helps you better serve your clients.

Never stop learning. The business is always changing, whether it’s new requirements from TREC or new technology to better serve our clients. Stay on top of your education to maintain your relevancy.