There’s a lot to consider when you’re buying your first property. Make sure you do these five things before you make an offer. 

  1. Make a checklist and use it. Determine what features are essential to you and refer to your list when viewing properties. Your list may change, but it can be a good starting point.
  2. Consider all of your expenses. When you’re calculating what you can afford, be sure to factor in other expenses like taxes, insurance, commuting costs, and utilities.
  3. Ask for the paperwork. If you’re looking at property in a homeowners association, request a copy of the HOA rules before submitting an offer to see if you’re willing to abide by them.
  4. Research funding sources. You may qualify for homebuyer-assistance programs based on your profession, income, or the property’s location.
  5. Think about resale value. You may appreciate a home’s unique features, but will potential buyers love them when you’re ready to sell?

One of the best decisions you can make you’re ready to buy your first home is to hire a REALTOR®. These professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your real estate goals.