It takes diverse talents to succeed in real estate, but what can set you apart from competitors are soft skills—those hard-to-measure personal attributes you use when working with prospects and clients. Here are five such skills that could make a difference in your business.


Concentrate on what someone is saying by giving him or her your full attention—don’t look at your phone or interrupt. You may want to take notes to indicate that you’re engaged in the conversation.


When looking for new business, you must follow up on every lead until it dies or turns into a closed transaction. Once you’ve secured a client, you have to explore every avenue to help him achieve his real estate goals.


Transactions hit obstacles. Parties may get emotional. You need to remain calm—especially when those around you aren’t—and adapt to changing circumstances to make the deal happen for your clients.


Did you make a mistake? Admit it, apologize, and move on. Do you disagree with your client? Tactfully state your opposition—don’t blame someone else for the disagreement—
and suggest an alternative. Clients and colleagues will appreciate your actions.

Problem Solving

Every transaction presents a puzzle, and you’re the one to put together the pieces. Use your knowledge to break down the process into steps for your clients and keep them focused on the end result as the transaction progresses.