The Texas REALTORS® Legal Department created model addenda and model policies to help you reduce your risk of being subject to copyright infringement claims. These forms cover copyright issues arising from the creation and dissemination of listing information and photographs.

They are designed to work together and separately—you can use all of them or only one.

Model Addendum to Independent Contractor Agreement Regarding Listing Content

This form is designed to address the ownership of listing content created by an agent and third parties. It grant the broker the rights necessary for the broker to use the listing content in the MLS.

Model Copyright Policy

This policy instructs agents on how to properly use listing content and the types of agreements they must secure. The policy is similar to the above addendum but also addresses how the agent should use listing content and provides instruction as to how the agent should handle a notice of infringement.

Photography Agreements

Watch this Texas REALTORS® legal webinar to learn the basics of copyright law, how the law affects your day-to-day brokerage operation, and how to use these forms.