Persuasion is part of your job, whether you’re convincing someone to work with you or explaining why the seller should accept your buyer’s offer. Here’s how to be more persuasive.

Build a relationship of trust from the start. If people view you as honest, well-informed, and conscientious, they’ll be more inclined to listen.

Explain everything. Help clients, especially first-timers, appreciate how buying and selling real estate is different from other transactions.

Consider your audience. Adjust your approach to each client. Some are savvy, but most need more support than they’ll admit. Anticipate their needs and help them through the process.

Use language people understand. Many people don’t recognize terms and concepts you use daily. Speak plainly and you’ll avoid misunderstandings.

Emphasize fairness in disputes. When a client has a problem, restate it as you understand it, then together figure out what the core issue is, what’s at stake, and who can actually fix the problem.