Remember Existing Clients

You want to sell your listings and attract new clients, but don’t ignore your past clients. Those people are your referral network. Invite them to connect on your social networks, and include posts that appeal to them—or invite them to share their transaction experiences to illustrate your services.

Share Your Triumphs

No, that doesn’t mean talk about many millions in sales you did last year. Tell your followers about the tough listing you sold or the doomed closing that you saved. These experiences educate potential clients about transaction pitfalls while making you look good.

Promote the Community

Give people the full picture of a property by letting them know what makes a neighborhood special. Post attractive photos of the city, and list the pros of the area. Watch your city’s social accounts for events and relevant topics to share. 

Reply to Comments 

Engage with anyone who post a comment on your social media posts—even negative ones. Thank the positive commenters, and offer an opportunity for an offline discussion to the negative ones. Show that you’re responsive and willing to interact with anyone.