There are more active real estate agents than ever before. With all the competition, using the same marketing strategies or sales tactics might not be enough—it may be time to try something new. While it may seem uncomfortable at first, trying something new not only promotes personal growth but also helps grow your business. Here are four ideas of ways to step out of your comfort zone:

Expand Your Social Presence

Does the idea of creating a YouTube video or a podcast seem daunting? Start small and take time to prepare and practice. Recording a short 3-minute home listing video or 15-minute podcast of home buying tips is a great way to share your expertise and get in front of a new audience.

Ask for Referrals

The fear of being too pushy may keep you from asking your clients to give your card to a friend. However, since you’ve built up trust and respect, you might be surprised how willing they are to be your advocate and recommend you. Give yourself a goal of asking for more referrals and then exceed it.

Take on a New Role

Whether it’s becoming an educator, mentor, manager, or gaining a new accreditation or designation, take your current role up a notch to establish more credibility.

Make More Time

If your excuse for not creating a new business plan or updating your branding has been a lack of time, break some daily habits. For example, let go of routine tasks by delegating or utilizing automation.

Staying in your comfort zone may feel safe, but by taking on new challenges, you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.