YouTube is an excellent platform for creating brand awareness and establishing yourself as the go-to source in your area. However, it takes more than uploading your video to gain viewers. To increase your video’s visibility and performance, apply these four strategies:

Create Compelling Titles

A title should grab the audience’s attention and create intrigue. Using a maximum of 100 characters (including spaces), let viewers know how they will benefit, what they will learn, or what problem you are solving. Avoid misleading titles so that you don’t lose the viewers’ trust.

Customize Your Thumbnail

YouTube will automatically generate a thumbnail from your video. If your account is verified, you can add your own. Create an eye-catching thumbnail with a free design tool like Canva or the YouTube Studio smartphone app. The design should reflect what the video is about and match your branding.

Maximize the Description Box

While you have 5,000 characters to describe your video, keep in mind that only the first line or two will appear in the search results and above the “show more” tab on the video’s page—so, make it impactful. Besides the summary, include links to your other videos, upcoming listings, and directions on how to contact you for more information.

Choose Tags Wisely

Tags are descriptive keywords that help the YouTube algorithm show your video to the right viewers. Under the description box, add between three to fifteen common search words related to your video—for example, Austin Texas Living or Houston Real Estate.

Don’t forget to respond to comments and post your videos on your social channels to give your videos more exposure.