Owning a new home is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Save time, money, and effort with these tips.   

Keep up with Repairs

Although some issues may seem minor at first, the longer you delay fixing the problem the bigger it can become. A small leak now can turn into ruined flooring or drywall later if not addressed. It’s also important to keep up with basic home maintenance, such as changing your air filters to keep your HVAC system running at its best.

Make Sure You’re Properly Insured

Homeowners insurance covers damages to your home and personal property from things like theft, natural disasters, and accidents. Most lenders require you to purchase a homeowners insurance policy, but you might want more than the minimum coverages stipulated by the lender. Making sure your coverage matches your needs can help you sleep better at night.

Budget for Emergency Repairs

Emergencies and accidents happen. While you may not have much extra money after a home purchase, it’s important to prepare for large repairs and system replacements. You might set up a fund that you regularly contribute to for the unexpected fixes that will come up.

Change the Locks

This tip sounds basic, but people forget that it’s not only the previous owners who had access to the home. The sellers could’ve given copies of your house key out to a babysitter, neighbor, or friend. And remember to reprogram any keypads. It’s also a good time to check whether any of the locks need to be replaced.

Your REALTOR® may also have tips specific to your property or neighborhood.