1. Ask right away

If you’ve done a testimonial-worthy job, clients are usually willing to give you a good testimonial. Ask right after the transaction ends, when they’re happy with the outcome and the satisfaction is fresh in their minds.

2. Look for a problem

You want to let clients say whatever they want about how great you are. However, some transactions are more complicated than others. If you helped close a particularly challenging one, suggest to the client that he or she mention how you solved it.

3. Be flexible on format

Text, email, hand-written note—it doesn’t matter how they deliver the information as long as they do. Certain clients might be more comfortable sending you a video clip, which you can use or transcribe into print.

4. Get permission

Make a list of all the ways you might use testimonials—e.g., website, social media, email newsletters, listing packet. When your clients send the testimonial, reply with a question that includes are your intended uses:

“May I use this on my website and social media channels with your name?” Using the client’s name enhances your testimonial’s authenticity, which makes it more credible.