Not sure why your listing has received little or no attention? It’s probably priced wrong. But if you’ve already changed the price—or data shows you’re priced correctly—try these tips.

Look at the photos

If you didn’t pay for a photographer, now’s the time to call a professional. Make sure the images flow logically; exterior shots should lead to the entry way, not the master bedroom. Also, check that the photos aren’t stretched or squished.

Do a drive-by

If the property presents well online, check its in-person impression. Drive by unannounced, as buyers might, to check the house and neighborhood. What stands out to you? Are the sellers doing all they can to boost curb appeal? Talk to your clients about improvements they could make.

Keep the doors open

Buyers want to visit homes when it’s convenient for them. If your clients have strict showing rules or offer limited access, encourage them to make the property available more often.

What other ways have you reinvigorated a stale listing?