Whether your listing pitches are a casual conversation or a stand-up presentation with a slide deck, these tips hold true.

Don’t Waste Time

People’s interest in what you’re saying starts dropping the moment you start talking. Skip the introduction. The sellers know that you want them to list their house with you; there’s no need to rehash that. Instead, tell them a relevant story about an interesting past listing or tempt them with a promise to reveal a secret to a successful home sale. 

Don’t Use Notes

There’s nothing wrong with having data, such as comparables, in writing or on a screen for you and the sellers to refer to. However, they may question whether you know what you’re talking about if you need notes to describe your proposed marketing plan. 

Have an Ending

Many presenters simply recap what they said and ask for feedback or questions. You want to do something else, something more powerful that spurs the sellers to take action and list with you. You can tell another story that highlights the benefits of working with you. If you teased them at the beginning, deliver on your promise to reveal a secret to selling a house. 

Whatever material you choose to include in your listing presentation, always keep the sellers’ attention in mind and work to engage them throughout.