Being goal-oriented and hardworking are common traits of REALTORS®. However, the willingness to always be available can negatively impact your well-being. Here are some strategies to prevent the unhealthy trap of overworking:

Set Boundaries

Do you work during your vacation? Take calls during dinner? Truly taking time for yourself is necessary to reset and relieve stress—which can make you more productive. Block out time in your schedule for personal activities, and ask a coworker to support you while you are on a break.

Give Your Tech a Timeout

Technology is great for marketing and connecting with your clients. But it can be easy to get in the habit of doing “one more thing” online or sending one more email. By periodically shutting off digital devices and notifications, you eliminate the temptation to keep working.

Work Smarter

Lack of time management can add extra stress and prolong a project. Prioritize and add deadlines to your schedule to be more productive. Are there areas you could use help? Evaluate your workload to find what tasks can be delegated or turned over to automation.

Deeply engaging with your real estate business can be rewarding and satisfying but knowing your limits and managing your time is a healthy step toward work/life balance.