A solid marketing strategy is how smart agents grow their business. Texas REALTORS® instructors shared with Texas REALTOR® magazine practical advice for integrating marketing ideas into your business plans. Here are a few questions to ask when considering your marketing strategy.

What is it worth? Amy Smythe-Harris, who teaches REALTOR® Launch and GRI Marketing, says it’s important to review your marketing campaign, business plan, and budget in tandem to determine where to best invest your money.

Who is your audience?  Stephen Etzel, whose courses include GRI Marketing and REALTOR® Launch, says it’s important to know your target market and understand the tools they use. While direct mail may work in certain farm areas, it won’t be effective if your target audience spends the most time online.

What do you have to offer? Tina Wilcher, an instructor for courses including Communicating Your Worth to Buyers and Sellers and REALTOR® Launch, says all agents should be thinking about their strongest skills and how to highlight those skillsets in your marketing to your target audience. 

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