Floods aren’t always preventable, but there are steps homeowners can take to lessen the damage caused by them. From purchasing flood insurance to elevating appliances, it’s important for property owners to be prepared in the event of flooding. Here are some steps to share with buyers and homeowners so they can better protect their homes from flood damage.

Get Flood Insurance

The number one way to protect homes and belongings in the event of flooding is to purchase flood insurance. Flood damage isn’t included in most homeowner insurance policies. It’s important to advise clients to talk with their insurance agent before purchasing a home and periodically afterward to make sure they have proper coverage for your area. It’s also crucial for homeowners to get insured early. In many instances, flood insurance has a 30-day waiting period after purchase before it goes into effect.

Know your Flood Risk

Homeowners should be aware of the flood risk for numerous reasons. Because of everchanging circumstances regarding the chance of flooding, it’s crucial homebuyers and owners stay up to date on their risk to best protect themselves and their property. This knowledge is also critical when assessing if one’s home has the appropriate flood insurance coverage.

Store Important Documents

Keeping copies of birth certificates, passports, insurance papers, etc., in a safe place from flooding is another protection homeowners can take. Original copies should be kept in a waterproof or watertight safety deposit box somewhere in the home, preferably an elevated area.

Current and future homeowners can visit FloodSmart | The National Flood Insurance Program for more information on how to protect their property from flood damage.