Want to learn how to provide better service to your clients? One of the best ways is to ask your previous ones for feedback.

A satisfaction survey provides a channel for people to share the quality of their experience. Not only should you send a satisfaction survey to clients after you help them buy or sell property, but also to the prospects who didn’t choose you.

Helps Gain Awareness

While some responses may be harder to take than others, you can use the insights you gain to improve your business. The results may highlight problems you were unaware of, allowing you to take action before negative feedback appears online.

Focuses Your Priorities

Learning the issues that are important to customers and clients is invaluable. By better understanding their needs and concerns, you can put new systems in place to meet their expectations in the future.

Builds Trust and Better Retention

Being open to professional development instills confidence and improves customer loyalty. Making changes also shows that you not only listened to their feedback, but you valued their opinion. Another great way to strengthen your reputation is to display your glowing reviews. Ask if you can showcase people’s testimonials on social media and your website.

Many free survey tools, like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms, are available to link or embed into your email. Keep the survey short, no more than 20 questions, or you run the risk of someone not filling out the whole form. Additionally, don’t wait too long after your transaction to send it; right away is best—this ensures their experiences are fresh in their mind.