Save time by using tools to automatically perform certain business tasks.

Social Media Publishing

Content-management programs like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and Agorapulse provide one place to access all your social platforms. Create posts in bunches at your convenience and publish them with the programs’ scheduling tools. The services offer various analytics as well as features to follow topics of interest, cutting down the effort looking for shareable content.

Scheduling Appointments

How many messages back and forth does it take to schedule a phone call or meeting with a potential client? Services like Calendly and Doodle let you set when you’re available, and people who want an appointment can choose the time that fits their schedule. You can embed the service on your website or send a link to potential clients as part of a welcome or autoreply email. The appointment is automatically added to your online calendar, and you and the person you’re meeting with get reminders.

Email Responses

You don’t want a generic autoreply to every email that hits your inbox. However, you can save time by creating responses to common questions, saving those responses as email drafts, and adding a few details before you send.

If you want full automation, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and similar services offer features that can help. For example, leads from your website or other sources can enter a multimessage automation, which can introduce recipients to your business, your specialties, your listings—whatever you choose. And if a recipient clicks on the link to a property listing, that can trigger another message with information about that specific listing.