As the smart-home technology sector grows, new features make their way into more categories of gadgets and appliances, including ones that may surprise you. 

Wireless Charging Could Be Coming to Your Kitchen

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen counters were always clear of cords? Or if you never had to search for an open outlet? Starting with a white paper and a demo earlier this year, trade group the Wireless Power Consortium is promoting a global standard for wireless charging in the kitchen. Wireless charging counters could power appliances, devices controlled by your smartphone, or even incorporate induction cooktops.

Not All Smart-Home Tech Is Expensive

It’s not uncommon to forget to replace your HVAC filter, putting stress on the system and potentially affecting your health. A new Bluetooth-enabled smart air filter from 3M, Filtrete, can alert you via a smartphone app when it’s time to replace the filter based on air flow and usage instead of by time. The app also offers access to outdoor air quality information and can display indoor air quality data when paired with a monitor inside your home. The filters retail for less than $30.