We protect private property rights at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

  Political Participation  
90% 89% 3,000+
of members
voted in the
last election
of REALTOR®-supported
candidates were elected
bills reviewed each
legislative session


We are highly engaged in the political process to protect consumers and members. Our advocacy efforts relate to issues like appraisal reform, sales-price disclosure, and private property rights.

Legislative Affairs

Texas lawmakers propose thousands of bills each legislative session–many affecting property owners and the real estate industry. Your association advocates for a healthy real estate market and conditions that keep Texas strong by supporting or fighting against legislation affecting your business.

Grassroots Initiatives

The association’s grassroots programs offer many opportunities for you to influence the political process and stay engaged with public policy that affects your business. Texas REALTORS® also supports candidates for office who support your business.

Issues Mobilization

The Texas REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Program helps local REALTOR® associations pass or defeat local ordinances that could affect all members or property owners.

REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol

During every legislative session, thousands of REALTORS® visit the Texas Capitol to share information with legislators about issues affecting real estate. The event also features a lunch and open house at the Texas REALTORS® building.

You can get involved