I'm a property manager. A tenant called me complaining that his roof was leaking. I checked with the owner and the owner gave the go-ahead for me to hire someone to fix the roof. The contractor fixed the roof and gave me a bill. The terms of the bill stated that if I pay the bill in full within two weeks, I would get a discount. If I pay the bill within two weeks, but the owner can't pay me until after two weeks, can I get a discount for paying early, but then charge the owner the regular price, keeping the difference for myself?

You may do this only with the informed consent of your client. TRELA Section 1101.652(b)(13) provides that a licensee's license may be suspended or revoked if the licensee accepts, receives, or charges an undisclosed commission, rebate, or direct profit on expenditures made for a principal. Also, Article 6 of the Code of Ethics prohibits REALTORS® from accepting any commission, rebate, or profit on expenditures made for their principal without the principal's knowledge and consent.