Can I use an assumed business name of my broker in my advertising?

Yes. Before a broker, associated broker, or sponsored sales agent starts using a broker’s assumed business name in an advertisement, the broker must register the name with TREC and the broker must provide written evidence of legal authority to use such name in Texas, such as registration of the name with the secretary of state’s or county clerk’s office. A form to register a broker’s assumed business name, Notice of DBA or Assumed Name for a Broker's License, is available on TREC’s website.

Can I use an alternate name in my advertising?

Yes. Before using it, the alternate name must be registered with TREC using the Notice of Alternate Name Used by a Sales Agent or Broker License.

Can I use a nickname or my middle name in my advertising?

TREC calls these alternate names. Before using them in your ads, you must register them with TREC. You do not need to register a name that is a common derivative of the name on your license, such as Bill for William.

Can a sales agent who is the owner or president of a brokerage use that title in advertising?

No. Even though the sales agent may hold such a title, using it in advertising implies the sales agent is responsible for the operations of the brokerage. Similarly, a sales agent cannot use the title CEO, COO, or other similar title in advertising. Remember, this extends to email or website addresses.