I represented a tenant and I would like a copy of the lease agreement the tenant signed. The landlord’s agent refused to give me a copy. As the tenant’s agent, am I entitled to receive a copy of the lease agreement?

Nothing prohibits you from receiving a copy of the lease agreement. The lease does not contain personal identifying information that would prohibit the landlord’s agent from providing a copy, so the landlord’s agent may not use this as a justification. However, nothing requires the landlord or the landlord’s agent to give you one. You were right to ask the landlord’s agent first for a copy of the lease agreement. Because he refused, you could ask the tenant directly, because the tenant is required to receive a copy. (Chapter 1101.652 (b)(28) of The Real Estate License Act allows TREC to take disciplinary action against a broker or salesperson who refuses to provide a copy of a document related to a transaction to a person who signed the document.)