The Opportunity Race Program empowers Texas REALTORS® to contribute to the election of certain state-level candidates.

What is an opportunity race?
Opportunity races are REALTOR®-facing campaigns conducted on behalf of a state-level candidate.

Opportunity races are collaborative efforts between the state and local associations, and are approved by TAR’s Political Involvement Committee.

These efforts may include the use of direct mail, polling, phone banking, websites, social media outreach, meet-and-greet events, and other efforts to encourage Texas REALTORS® to vote for the TREPAC-supported candidates on Election Day.


How to request an opportunity race
Local boards are required to submit 1) a signed application committing the association to assist in TAR’s efforts to mobilize local REALTORS® in support of these candidate(s), and 2) a signed copy of the Notice Regarding Opportunity Race Recommendation, if applicable. 


Benefits of the Opportunity Race Program
Opportunity races:

  • Result in significantly higher turnout among Texas REALTORS®, in some cases doubling or tripling the turnout rate of the general voting public
  • Have a positive influence on the campaigns of candidates who support real estate interests and the rights of private-property owners in Texas
  • Demonstrate the power of REALTOR® mobilization
  • Enhance the political prestige of Texas REALTORS®, local associations, and TREPAC
  • Increase Texas REALTOR® political participation on behalf of association-supported candidates
  • Energize local associations’ political and legislative committees and identify politically active Texas REALTORS® for future political efforts.


The Opportunity Race process
After the local association conducts candidate interviews, the board may choose to request an opportunity race on behalf of a select candidate.

Note: TAR will never conduct an opportunity race without buy-in and an official request from the local association.

Requests are submitted to TAR’s director of political affairs and reviewed by the TAR Political Involvement Committee (PIC). The PIC submits a recommendation to the Legislative Management Team, which gives the final approval.

If the opportunity race is approved, TAR and the local board will execute a campaign designed to engage and motivate Texas REALTORS® to volunteer and vote for the candidate of choice.


What makes an opportunity race?
The Political Involvement Committee (PIC) examines the following criteria in considering opportunity races:

  • Has the candidate received TREPAC support (or a recommendation for TREPAC support)?
  • Has the candidate been classified by the PIC as a REALTOR® Champion or REALTOR® Friend?
  • Does the candidate face a hotly contested election?
  • Does the candidate have the support of local REALTORS®?
  • Will REALTOR® engagement impact the race?

Local boards can contact their regional PIC or the TAR director of political affairs for more information.


Best practices: Steering Committee
Every opportunity race needs a local leader. TAR recommends using the local board’s Political or Governmental Affairs Committee member to lead the “REALTORS® For … Steering Committee” in support of the REALTOR®-facing campaign.

If this person is not available, the TAR Political Involvement Committee member, the TAR field representative, or the local association’s Governmental Affairs Director may also serve as the head of the steering committee. Another option may be a Texas REALTOR® who has a personal relationship with the candidate.

The steering committee chair should help coordinate:

  • Block-walking or door-to-door efforts
  • Phone banking
  • Social media promotion
  • Sign locations
  • Special events (should be paid for with TREPAC non-corporate dollars)
  • Election Day activities (poll watching, etc.)