The Opportunity Race Program empowers Texas REALTORS® to contribute to the election of certain state-level candidates.

What is an opportunity race?
Opportunity races are REALTOR®-facing campaigns conducted on behalf of a state-level candidate.

Opportunity races are collaborative efforts between the state and local associations, and are approved by the Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee.

These efforts may include the use of direct mail, polling, phone banking, websites, social media outreach, meet-and-greet events, and other efforts to encourage Texas REALTORS® to vote for the TREPAC-supported candidates on Election Day.


How to request an opportunity race
Local boards are required to submit 1) a signed application committing the association to assist in the association’s efforts to mobilize local REALTORS® in support of these candidate(s), and 2) a signed copy of the Notice Regarding Opportunity Race Recommendation, if applicable. 


Benefits of the Opportunity Race Program
Opportunity races:

  • Result in significantly higher turnout among Texas REALTORS®, in some cases doubling or tripling the turnout rate of the general voting public
  • Have a positive influence on the campaigns of candidates who support real estate interests and the rights of private-property owners in Texas
  • Demonstrate the power of REALTOR® mobilization
  • Enhance the political prestige of Texas REALTORS®, local associations, and TREPAC
  • Increase Texas REALTOR® political participation on behalf of association-supported candidates
  • Energize local associations’ political and legislative committees and identify politically active Texas REALTORS® for future political efforts.


The Opportunity Race process
After the local association conducts candidate interviews, the board may choose to request an opportunity race on behalf of a select candidate.

Note: Texas REALTORS® will never conduct an opportunity race without buy-in and an official request from the local association.

Requests are submitted to the association director of political affairs and reviewed by the Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee (PIC). The PIC submits a recommendation to the Legislative Management Team, which gives the final approval.

If the opportunity race is approved, Texas REALTORS® and the local board will execute a campaign designed to engage and motivate Texas REALTORS® to volunteer and vote for the candidate of choice.


What makes an opportunity race?
The Political Involvement Committee examines the following criteria in considering opportunity races:

  • Has the candidate received TREPAC support (or a recommendation for TREPAC support)?
  • Has the candidate been classified by the PIC as a REALTOR® Champion or REALTOR® Friend?
  • Does the candidate face a hotly contested election?
  • Does the candidate have the support of local REALTORS®?
  • Will REALTOR® engagement impact the race?

Local boards can contact their regional PIC or the Texas REALTORS® director of political affairs for more information.


Best practices: Steering Committee
Every opportunity race needs a local leader. Texas REALTORS® recommends using the local board’s Political or Governmental Affairs Committee member to lead the “REALTORS® For … Steering Committee” in support of the REALTOR®-facing campaign.

If this person is not available, the Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee member, the Texas REALTORS® field representative, or the local association’s Governmental Affairs Director may also serve as the head of the steering committee. Another option may be a Texas REALTOR® who has a personal relationship with the candidate.

The steering committee chair should help coordinate:

  • Block-walking or door-to-door efforts
  • Phone banking
  • Social media promotion
  • Sign locations
  • Special events (should be paid for with TREPAC non-corporate dollars)
  • Election Day activities (poll watching, etc.)