Who gets what? You put the deal together but you could not have done so without equity partners. So, how do you split the cash flows? What about the sale? Often an equity investor will be offered a preferred return in order to make the deal more appealing. The developer or promoter may also use different structures to achieve a greater share of profits if the deal is a “Home Run”.

In this class we will discuss and model various methods of sharing the wealth. We will develop Excel models for many different structures such as:
– Traditional Split
– The Rake
– The Pref
– Carried Interest
– Waterfall

This 100 minute course will explore Preference Splits, and Waterfall structures as well as Pari-passu splits and Reversionary Interests. Students will be able to describe different structures and will model them using Excel. Excel templates and models will be provided as a take-away from this course.

This webinar is available for two hours of CE if it is viewed at a monitored location. If you are interested in obtaining CE credit for this webinar, call your local board and ask them to host it. If you would like to host the webinar for credit by creating a virtual classroom at your office, contact Annie Kantelis for more information.