This webinar will cover the different types of immigration statuses and how they affect a client’s ability to buy or sell real estate in Texas. Students will learn about timelines, exclusions, and qualifications for various types of visas and other immigration statuses, and how they may benefit or harm a potential transaction. A thorough understanding of a client’s status allows agents to help them set realistic timelines and financial parameters, leading to more successful transactions.

Taught by Brent Huddleston of Huddleston Law Group, PLLC

CE pending

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 19 at 1:00 pm. Please note: this is a different time from our usual Commercial Webinar slot, in order to accommodate our presenter’s schedule.

This webinar is available for one hour of CE if it is viewed at a monitored location. If you are interested in obtaining CE credit for this webinar, call your local board and ask them to host it, or contact Amy Gamber or Jon Houser at TAR for more information.

To watch the webinar without CE credit, register here.