Instructor Candidate Resources

All instructor candidates must fill out and submit the Texas REALTORS® Instructor Application and remit a $75 fee. CE elective class instructors require only the completed application and fee. Scroll down for additional requirements by course type.

Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)


Legal Update I & II

  • Successful completion of the Legal Update I and II instructor training program authorized by TREC; and
  • Receipt of at least an 80% on the final exam.

Broker Responsibility

  • Successful completion of the Broker Responsibility instructor training program authorized by TREC; and
  • Receipt of at least an 80% on the final exam.

Code of Ethics 

  • Identify as at least one of the following:
    • Local or state association staff
    • Professional Standards training instructor
    • GRI instructor who is also an active Texas REALTOR®
    • Have served in a Texas REALTORS® Professional Development Management Team (PDMT) or a Texas REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee leadership role
    • REALTOR® Emeritus
  • Audit the NAR Code of Ethics course

Texas Affordable Housing Specialist (TAHS)

REBAC/REBI Designations & Certifications

Texas REALTORS® requires instructors needing a letter of recommendation for any REBAC course to complete the following criteria:

  • 2- day ITI certificate of completion or local association endorsement
  • Visit for information on REBAC’s instructor approval process

Professional Standards

  • Must have served on the Professional Standards committee within two years prior to application; in addition, must have served a minimum of twice on Grievance Tribunal and a minimum of three times on a hearing panel, one of which must be an arbitration, or served as a mediator for an arbitration request 
  • Course curriculum training
  • Completion of 2-day ITI course

Leasing & Property Management Certification courses (TRLS, TRPM)

Additional instructor opportunities

  • Senior Instructor status
  • ITI instructor
    • Maintain TRU Senior Instructor Status
    • Audit 2-day ITI within two years of application
    • Complete an additional educator training (CREI, DREI, CDEI, or equivalent)