In order to teach GRI, Broker Responsibility, Legal Update I and II, Accredited Commercial Real Estate, or REALTOR® Launch, your application must demonstrate the following qualifications:
  1. A college degree in the subject area to be taught and three (3) years of experience in teaching or training, or
  2. Five years active experience as a license holder (or as a Broker to teach Real Estate Brokerage and Broker Responsibility courses) and three (3) years of experience in teaching or training, or
  3. The equivalent after consideration of your personal experience, research, authorship, or other significant endeavors in real estate.

Depending on the course(s) you desire to teach, there may be additional requirements that must be fulfilled prior to approval. We recommend reviewing this list of criteria before applying.

Please note: you will be asked to support your subject-matter expertise for each class you check. You will not be considered eligible to apply for any class for which you cannot demonstrate formal training, previous teaching experience, or adequate equivalent subject-matter experience.

This application is valid for one (1) year from its submission date.  If additional requirements or credentials are not received by Texas REALTORS® within one year from that date, any pending or incomplete application will expire. After expiration, the applicant will be required to submit and pay the fee for a new application.