Your prospects and new clients don’t know you. Yet they’re counting on you to guide them through the biggest financial transaction of their lives. How do you build trust quickly? Try these four strategies.

Tell Them What You’re Going to Do

Transparency instills confidence. New clients will be reassured if they know what’s next and when to expect it. Explain each step in the process and make sure your clients understand.

Do What You Say You Will

Prove you can be trusted with the small stuff and clients will trust you with the big stuff. If you say you’ll email them tomorrow, email them tomorrow. Show them you can be relied upon.

Share the Flaws

Being positive all the time makes people suspicious. They’ll wonder what you aren’t telling them. If your client proposes a bad idea, explain why you think it’s a bad idea. If a house has problems, point them out. Be honest and upfront. If you don’t know an answer, say so. This builds credibility.

Be Professional

Clients hire you, not just your skillset. Act like the kind of person you’d want to do business with. Know your market. Expertise puts people at ease.