Whether it’s the demands of a competitive housing market, managing work-life balance, health concerns, or a mix of other challenges, it’s natural to occasionally get worn out from your work. Try these steps to avoid or extinguish burnout:


Are you experiencing pressure from too many demands and not enough time? Give yourself permission to vent. Write down what has you overwhelmed and stressed. But don’t forget the positives! A great way to rekindle your passion is to make a list of what you enjoy about your career.


Remember, you are not alone. Turn to your peers, family, or support groups for help and guidance. Another option is to seek professional help. A therapist can provide coping methods and offer additional resources.


It can feel great to say yes, but you can only do so much in a day. Stretching yourself too thin is exhausting. Before you begin your workday, make a list of the tasks that you can realistically do. Permit yourself to not only say no but to have a stopping point.


Habit, monotony, and predictability can be just as draining as having too much going on. Give yourself a new challenge or goal like taking a class to gain a new accreditation or updating your website. And don’t forget to reflect and reward yourself for your accomplishments.


Having a flexible schedule is a perk of being a REALTOR®. However, the lack of set hours can have you answering your phone or email throughout the day and night. Look into ways to delegate or automate tasks so that you can take a digital break and get in some actual downtime.