When your agents succeed, you succeed. But how can you, as a broker, help them reach their full potential? Here are areas to focus on.

Give Them Purpose

Know what drives your brokerage and explain it to agents—for example, “We help first-time buyers achieve their goal of owning a home.” With a shared purpose, everyone will be working toward the same results.

Set Clear Expectations

Part of agents’ training should be outlining specific goals and expected performance. Share your brokerage’s targets for productivity and how they factor into those benchmarks. Discuss what types of activities take priority.

Avoid Micromanagement

Communicate expectations, provide necessary training, and then get out of the way. If you are overly concerned with minor details or have trouble letting go of control, you will discourage agents’ decision-making and undermine their judgment and expertise. Eventually, they will be afraid to act without prior approval—and you lose any added value that person would bring to your brokerage.

Be Open to Questions and Ideas

Supporting your agents will help them thrive, and an obvious way to do that is being available to answer questions and provide advice. But support can also be a willingness on your part to listen to new ideas about your business. Just knowing that you’re open to changes and improvements to the brokerage—even if they never suggest any—creates an environment where agents feel empowered.