Use RPR to nail your next listing presentation

Sellers want to know your listing presentation is based on knowledge of the market, expertise in determining value, and your ability to close the deal at the highest price. The Texas-specific REALTORS® Property Resource webinar on October 10 will highlight how RPR helps you prepare for your listing presentation with:

  • Research on the property, neighborhood, and local market
  • Validating the property’s basic facts, selecting comps, and adjusting those comps to create a customized and flexible comp analysis
  • Using the REALTOR® Valuation Model®—an exclusive RPR pricing tool
  • Generating a customized, client-friendly seller’s report.

Get leads and increase your ROI with RPR

Marketing your real estate business to a neighborhood can bring you more business, but how do you choose a farm area? What type of data will you deliver to homeowners? And how will you prepare to answer their questions? Try RPR. The November 14 Texas-specific webinar will teach you how to:

  • Calculate the marketability of your target zone
  • Create a customized farm area using search tools and maps
  • Build brand awareness with reports that attract homeowners’ interest.

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