One of the many things that make me proud to be a Texan is our resiliency.

This time a year ago, Texans in the path of Harvey were beginning their journey to recovery. Even though their lives were upended, they woke up every morning determined to rebuild their homes and communities.

During the storm, some people who had lost everything didn’t spend much time dwelling on it because they were too busy rescuing their neighbors. People from other parts of Texas—and REALTORS® from around the country—stepped up to provide people the support they sorely needed.

While many of those affected by Harvey are on a steady road to recovery, some are still working to put their lives, homes, and businesses back together. Even a year later, I’m still awestruck by the resiliency so many of our fellow Texans and REALTORS® show in the face of adversity.

You can see that resilience yourself if you read this month’s cover story. Texas REALTOR® Social Media Editor Michael Schrantz traveled to areas hit by Harvey and met with REALTORS® one year after the storm to find out how they and their communities are doing.
While I hope none of us ever face another Harvey, we all know it’s possible. As I’m writing this, we’re watching what’s happening on the East Coast as well as other weather threats that could affect Texas. Since Texans know firsthand the devastation of a natural disaster, there are two things I’d like you to do:

First, return the kindness we received during Harvey by donating to the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. This NAR foundation gives 100% of its received funds directly to disaster-relief causes. Learn more at

Second, make sure you, your business, and your family are prepared for a disaster. You’ll get some interesting insights from the members featured in the cover story, but it’s also worth exploring the many free resources available through services like the American Red Cross. I encourage you to do your research and get your own disaster plan in place.

Let’s share our resilient nature and find ways to support our fellow REALTORS® now and in the future.

Kaki Lybbert