Local and state association leaders participated in the TREPAC/Governmental Affairs Orientation October 6-7 to prepare for 2022. Attendees received training in fundraising, politics, public policy, and local issues engagement. The Texas REALTORS® Political Action Committee/TREPAC raised $5,822,784 in 2021—the highest dollar amount ever—with 58,777 members (44%) of Texas REALTORS® participating.

These strong totals in the fundraising year that ended September 30 enable Texas REALTORS® to continue supporting local and state candidates and elected officials who have a proven track record of protecting private-property rights, preserving the dream of homeownership, and supporting the vitality of the real estate industry. Learn more at trepac.com.

11 Members Honored for TREPAC Efforts

The annual Spirit of TREPAC Award recognizes Texas REALTORS® who have exhibited excellence at the local level as they participate, articulate, and communicate about TREPAC activities during the year. The 2021 recipients are:

  • Lizeth Smith, Greater El Paso
  • Socar Chatmon-Thomas, Austin
  • Ashley Jackson, Austin
  • Diane Kennedy, Austin
  • Kat Robinson, Houston
  • Patricia Farrell, San Antonio
  • Eloise Eriksson Martin, MetroTex
  • Carl Leatherman, Harlingen
  • Jonathan Lindley, Greater McAllen
  • Nick Cantu, Greater McAllen
  • Jennifer Parker, Collin County