This time of year is about reflection and giving thanks.

I’ll share with you a few of the many reasons your Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team is grateful for you.

In March, we saw the highest turnout ever during REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol, with close to 3,000 Texas REALTORS® meeting with lawmakers under the dome. We’re thankful that you came to Austin.

In May, when the 86th legislative session ended, we finished with several monumental wins, including property tax reform, school finance reform, and an end to forced annexation statewide. Your efforts on REALTOR® Day and calls for action helped make that happen. Thank you!

In September, we closed out a record-breaking 2019 fundraising year for TREPAC, so we’re extremely grateful for your commitment to keeping TREPAC strong. (See page 5 for totals.)

And now we’re gearing up for a historic election year by supporting pro-real estate candidates earlier than ever because political campaigns have already started turning up the volume! We’re thankful for engaged members who know that politics is part of the real estate business.

The TREPAC trustees, a group of Texas REALTORS® just like you, rely heavily on recommendations from local associations, as well as input from the Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee, to determine which candidates deserve early support.

This early engagement lets supported candidates—and their opponents—know that Texas REALTORS® are politically active, paying attention, and willing to step up for candidates who support private property rights and the real estate industry.

We’re thankful for your grassroots involvement at the local level—whether it’s interviewing candidates, requesting early TREPAC support, conducting an opportunity race, or conducting a voter registration drive. Grassroots mobilization is such an important part of what we do.

On behalf of the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Team, thank you for a great 2019—now let’s keep this momentum going through the 
2020 elections!