Did you know that selling or leasing mineral rights in Texas does not require a real estate license? That was just one question from our recent quiz in Texas REALTOR® magazine and also posted on the Advice for REALTORS® blog. “Good questions,” Jacki Pauley said about the quiz, and Rashonda Smith agreed: “Good information. Thanks!”

“These tips are great,” wrote Bobbie Jackson about a list of 16 ideas to jump-start your content marketing we posted on the Advice for REALTORS® blog. “I’ve wanted to write a newsletter but was wondering what to talk about.”

Another post that received kudos was about lender-required repairs. “Good information,” James Gordon wrote. “Keep them coming.” Camille Ulmann asked for examples of lender-required repairs, and a number of members offered rotten wood, unpainted exterior wood, and issues related to water heaters as ones they’ve run into in the past.

An Advice for REALTORS® blog post about ways a broker can create an agency relationship with a buyer garnered several comments. The post says the best way to create an agency relationship is to put the rights and obligations of a broker and his or her client in a signed written agreement. But Tom Allen said he gets pushback from buyers about signing a form and asked how others overcome such objections. Bonnie Butler suggested providing buyers with the Information About Brokerage Services form and make buyer representation agreements for specific properties. “That way they are only tied to you for the homes you showed to them,” she says. “Most of the time, they understand that you are taking the time to help them and protect their best interest.” Laura Bolieu agreed. “You are being an excellent agent and following Texas law. You are offering your prospect a consumer protection form by explaining the IABS and letting them know who represents who in a real estate transaction,” she said.