One of my favorite things this time of year is taking a getaway and spending time with my family. We often travel to Arkansas to stay in the home our family has owned since the ’40s.

Like all of us, I stay busy working on business and wrapped up in my day-to-day routine. My phone is on whether I’m in the foothills of the Ozarks or driving the streets of Denton. But heading north is a good opportunity for me to clear my mind and get in a game of golf.

I’m grateful for that opportunity and the many others I’ve been given throughout the year. There is nothing that makes me prouder than representing Texas REALTORS®. Your passion for your work is inspiring, and your commitment to excellence is evident.

I think you’ll be inspired by the 2018 REALTORS® to Watch featured in this issue. These five members under 40 are doing incredible things in their businesses, the REALTOR® organization, and their communities.

During this time of the year, I hope you take time with family or friends. (Don’t worry; you don’t have to turn off your phone!) I hope you reflect on what you’ve accomplished—whether in business or your personal life. I also want you to challenge yourself to give back to something other than you. Maybe that’s volunteering more in your community, taking classes to enhance your skills, or getting involved in your local association. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure your passion is driving your efforts.

-Kaki Lybbert