Keep your online accounts safe even if your password has been compromised by turning on two-factor authentication for every account or service that offers it.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a second code or action to be taken, in addition to your password, to log into an account. You may be familiar with the process from banking or email accounts, but the feature is becoming increasingly popular with a broader range of online services and websites.

That’s important because data hacks that reveal old passwords or personal information have become more common, and phishing attacks that attempt to lure you into unwittingly giving up your password often target those in the real estate industry.

Not every service that offers two-factor authentication makes it easy to find. You may have to contact support or search for the name of the service and “two-factor authentication” to learn if it’s offered, but it’s worth checking to make sure all your accounts are as secure as possible.