Bethany Nolan

Bethany Nolan is an associate broker with Nolan Properties in Longview. She generated $14.2 million in sales volume and completed 54 transaction sides in 2021.

  • Upon completing my master’s degree, I interned and was hired by a global public relations firm. Working in this fast-paced environment helped me learn a lot of the skills I use in real estate.
  • Social media is the bread-and-butter of my business! In the past year, it has become my main referral source. Facebook and YouTube showcase our listings, pending properties, and sold homes; Instagram is more of an educational tool, walking through the house-hunting process; LinkedIn showcases more of our commercial listings and professional accolades; and TikTok has more personality and flair with the funny moments that happen in real estate.
  • My best advice for new agents is to dive in! Get involved, meet everyone you can, and be responsive. I also recommend joining a minimum of two local organizations to keep you in the loop on local events and news.
  • Getting into real estate was always the end goal with my family. We wanted to create a family-focused brokerage and build within our hometown community.
  • My main role model is my father. He has helped push me to be the best version of myself every day. I remember I made a goal last year for my sales volume and he said, Nope, that’s too low. You can do better. Just raise it. I raised it and hit over that amount.
  • My approach to real estate is staying relationship-focused. I want my clients to trust me but also consider me a trusted colleague and friend as well. I believe that house hunting and stressful transactions can go smoothly when you feel like you have a friend holding your hand.
  • I feel that I’ve created a great transaction when I receive referrals. When clients trust me with someone that they love after we have done business together, it’s the highest form of flattery.
  • Knowledge is power, and what I lack in years of experience I make up for with education and trainings that I have pushed myself to take.
  • I still feel like I am working to be the best I can be daily in real estate. I have bigger goals each year and adjust them each quarter to push myself to do more and help more people. I don’t know that I will ever quite feel like I’ve made it.

Samantha Plomer

Samantha Plomer is a partner with Tailored Real Estate Group, a team with Compass RE Texas in Houston. In 2021, Plomer generated $6.1 million in individual sales volume and completed 17 individual transaction sides. Plomer’s team generated $36.8 million in sales volume and completed 97 transaction sides.

  • Growing up, I watched my parents build every home we ever lived in. My grandpa was a custom home builder in Michigan and to this day, at 94, he will still get on the drawing board. I watched them dream up ideas and plan where to put all our rooms. I got asked how I wanted to design my room.
  • Most kids don’t dream of going to a design center and picking out paint colors or flooring materials. I thrived in this environment and knew this was my passion. I went to college to pursue a degree in interior design. I was brought back to my childhood of drawing plans and moving rooms around to make that perfect space.
  • I got my license at 22 in 2015 after graduating college, but I started as an intern at an apartment locator company at 20.
  • When I work with sellers, I can stage their property and help them with any redesign if necessary. For buyers, I can help them visualize how their items will fit in the space and how to help them make the space their own.
  • This year, I not only have been working with buyers and sellers; I transitioned into the director of agent development role on our team, where I’ve helped the agents on our team grow their business.
  • I have a few mentors. Kat Robinson is not only my business partner; she’s one of my greatest friends. Christina Daw I call my real estate mom. She pulled me into my leadership career with Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Jo Ann Stevens sees things in me I never even knew I was capable of. These three ladies influence me every day.
  • The secret to my success is being collaborative. I have found by joining groups such as YPN that we are able to share and help each other out even though we aren’t in the same company. I also love how agents are using the new social media platform Clubhouse.
  • I faced a lot of nos, and you’re too young or too unexperienced. I felt like my age was always a factor. It pushed me to want to be the best and to prove them wrong. I loved being told no, because it will only drive me to work that much harder to get a yes.