For-sale-by-owner properties are a golden opportunity for you. You know these prospects are motivated to sell and aren’t being represented by another agent.

They may be reluctant to hire a real estate professional, especially if they think they can save money by handling the sale on their own. Here are some ways you can make the case for teaming up with you:

Listen to Them

Before you tell them why they need you, ask the sellers about their experience. How long has the home been on the market? What have they done to spread the word about the sale? What are their goals? Why did they initially decide not to hire an agent? Asking these questions teaches you how you can best help them.

Reassure Them

These sellers wanted to sell the property themselves. They might view hiring an agent as a failure. Reframe it as an opportunity for a less stressful transaction. By hiring you, they stand the best chance at getting a great deal for their property.

Tout the Benefits of Your Knowledge

Thanks to your experience, you can tell what the property needs to attract serious buyers. The more offers received, the better the chance the seller will receive a higher price for the home.

Promote Your Resources

As a REALTOR®, you have access to exclusive market data and insights through MarketViewer and RPR. Tell the sellers how you have access to the best data available and have the experience to help them interpret it to make better decisions. You also can use forms and contracts exclusively available to REALTORS® and their clients. And you can help your clients make a bigger splash in the marketplace by exposing the home to more buyers through your marketing and listing the property in the MLS.

Highlight How It’s Easier

Share all the ways you can ease the burden on sellers, like keeping track of the transaction’s many deadlines and requirements, scheduling showings, and obtaining strong offers from qualified buyers.