Once you can provide value, that’s where your advantage comes from.

Referrals, Mentoring Are Key to Honoree’s Success

Navjot Singh was named to NAR’s 30 Under 30 Class of 2021. Last year, he led Singh Real Estate Group with HomesUSA.com to $18.1 million in sales volume and 67 team transaction sides.

Singh says he gets to relive one of his family’s proudest and happiest moments every week when he helps families move into their new homes.

Family is very important to the Arlington-based REALTOR®. He remembers the sacrifices his parents made to give him a brighter future.

What motivates you?

My parents and uncle are a very hardworking immigrant family who moved here from India in the 1980s. They started out doing all sorts of businesses. Now they’re running their own successful car dealership. That’s always been my biggest motivation: my family and friends.

How did you get started in real estate?

My family and I were already investing in real estate. I was already helping them so much in the business that it made sense for me to get my license. I could start listing our own properties and helping us buy more properties.

What advantages and disadvantages do younger professionals have in this industry?

Once you can provide value, that’s where your advantage comes from. I quickly learned no one is going to want to work with me if I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The major disadvantage regarding age is that people ask, “Well, how are you going to help us?” But if you take the time and learn the market, you can be their advisor. People can tell in an instant if you are qualified.

What do you recommend younger professionals do to become successful in real estate?

I recommend finding a mentor who you look up to and whose style of business you admire. Along with that, I would recommend working on your personal brand and creating new, innovative ways to market yourself along with your listings. But most importantly, focus on networking with people in all kinds of industries, including real estate.

How can real estate professionals stand out from the crowd? How do you?

For me, I just try to keep the brand genuine to who I am. I help all my friends and family. Then they recommend me to their friends and family, and they become friends and family. If you just focus on relationships, the rest of it will take care of itself.

What is the most important service you provide your clients?

My team slogan is the ultimate real estate experience. It doesn’t matter if they’re buying a $100,000 house or a million-dollar house; we treat all of our clients the same. We just figure out what they need and make sure we can make it happen.