The real estate market of 2021 is one of challenge, speed, creativity, failure, and—after hard work—eventually success. This market is like all markets of the past. Except it is completely different.

In 2021, the goal of providing a high level of value to our clients can truly be a test.

Here are 21 ways great REALTORS® can enhance service while functioning at the highest level of fiduciary duty:

  1. Be in relationship with people (lots of people).
  2. Know the market. Really know your micro-market.
  3. Know the new contract. In detail.
  4. Refine, update, and practice your buyer consultation.
  5. Master the message of the market.
  6. Know all of the ways a buyer (or seller) can terminate the new contract.
  7. Find properties to list. Find properties for your buyers. And keep looking…
  8. Provide detailed advice and informed opinions on market values driven by data and trends.
  9. Develop negotiation skills to win offers.
  10. Master the multiple-offer presentation and analysis process.
  11. Learn how to keep transactions together.
  12. Skillfully coach buyers through repair concessions in a high-demand market.
  13. Know the new construction/homebuilder market.
  14. Create a powerful and professional social media presence.
  15. Improve virtual-meeting skills with good lighting, audio, and video.
  16. Build strong referral relationships with REALTORS® in other market areas.
  17. Get to know other REALTORS® in your local market.
  18. Connect with family-law attorneys, financial planners, and wealth advisors.
  19. Engage with your local, state, and national associations.
  20. Know the plans, dreams, successes, and challenges of your past clients and key database contacts.
  21. Give back. Support a charity or a volunteer effort in the community. Enlist your family, friends, and past clients to help.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Good things happen for great REALTORS® who use creativity and hard work to focus on helping clients experience life in alignment with their wants, needs, and dreams!