Ideally, your brand should play to your strengths or highlight a core value of your business. It’s what makes you stand out in the first place. Acting genuinely and doing what you said you’d do are the best ways to protect your brand.

Think of branding as how you introduce yourself and your business to clients. A strong brand helps you stand out in the market. You will attract more clients and get more referrals. Here are some ways to start building.

Differentiate yourself

Why should clients choose you over another agent? Identify what makes you special and how that will benefit your clients. Lifelong residents could brand themselves as neighborhood natives. Tech savvy agents might focus their branding on connectivity or being data-driven. Marathon runners could build a brand with messaging about going the distance or bringing energy to real estate transactions.

Spread the word

Now that you have a story for your business, tell it. Promote it across your marketing and social media. Share it when communicating with clients and everyone else. Make sure that everything you do ties into your branding.

Be consistent

How you tell your story is just as important as the story itself. Consistency creates a deeper impression. It’s one reason why you know McDonald’s golden arches and Nike’s Just Do It slogan. Figure out how you want to tell your story and stick to it. That includes logos, fonts, colors, themes, and phrases. It also may involve your communication methods, attire, and the way you provide service.

Reinforce your brand everywhere

You want your clients and prospects to associate your business with your chosen market or specialty. Your business should be the first one they think of. Reinforce that connection as much as possible. If you sell beachfront properties, consider branded promotional items such as beach balls. Advertise near popular beaches. Volunteer by picking up litter or by sponsoring dune restoration. Incorporate beach and vacation imagery into your logo and promotional materials.

Protect your brand

Do not take actions that contradict your brand. If you brand yourself as offering high-touch service, don’t wait several days to return calls and emails. An agent who uses technology as a branding element should stay up with the latest devices, apps,
and platforms.