Being proactive about time management can help reduce stress and give you a sense of control. Try these five tips for taking charge of your time.

Create a Schedule

Whether it’s a written document or saved in an app, a set schedule helps you organize tasks, plan ahead, stay focused, and gives you a way to build breaks from work into your day.

Work in Private and Focused Modes

Using a private browsing mode—also known as Incognito in Google’s Chrome browser—helps you focus on the task at hand by limiting your access to saved passwords and login information that may tempt you to hop between social feeds, email, and other distractions. Other apps, like word processors and email programs, offer focused modes to limit diversions.

Break Your Day Into Chunks

Do you need to be responsive to clients and colleagues during certain parts of the day but prefer handling your own work at other times? Break your workday into chunks and space them out or put them together to suit your needs.

Communicate Expectations

If you’ve taken steps to create a schedule that fits you, communicating that to your colleagues and clients will help you maintain it: they know what to expect from you, and you can follow through without feeling the need to upset your schedule for each new request.

Use a Time-Tracking Tool

A time-tracking tool can record how long you spend on each task or record what websites or programs you use the most. Either option will help you assess how you’re currently spending time so you can better plan your schedule and prioritize tasks.